Allstate “Trouble Never Takes a Holiday”

What a way for Allstate to spread the holiday cheer. Part of its “Our Stand” campaign, this commercial has Dennis Haysbert highlighting the dangers of the holiday season rather than the joys. Standing in a leaf-filled backyard in front of a turkey deep fryer, he informs us that of the 2 million people who deep fried their turkeys last year, “15 succeeded in setting their homes on fire.” And if that isn’t enough of a pick-me-upper, he gets viewers thinking about all the traffic accidents that happen while “driving over the river and through the woods.” Thankfully he doesn’t go too dark with that one, just talks about skidding into grandma’s garage door. It’s an effective reminder that, as he points out, “trouble never takes a holiday.” But do we really need this kind of holiday message? Is anyone going to specifically go out there and sign up with Allstate to protect themselves during the holidays because they’ll be there for you if something goes wrong? I’ll take more elves and Santas over this sober message any day. –Eleftheria Parpis