Adweek’s Top 10 Commercials of the Week


Three ‘The Pony Dance’

Shetland ponies are suddenly big in advertising. After VisitScotland's ponies in sweaters, now we have this Moonwalking pony from Wieden + Kennedy—a fun-loving mascot for mobile client Three.


Panera ‘Live Consciously. Eat Deliciously’

Rube Goldberg machines are a dime a dozen in advertising, but they can still be a great choice—as in this wonderful spot from Cramer-Krasselt.


Amazon ‘Perfect at the Beach’

Amazon sneaks in a surprise endorsement of gay marriage in this spot for the Kindle Paperwhite. Some thought it was a bit too random, but others thought it was just right.


Google ‘Brand New Baby’

Nothing gets couples through pregnancy quite like the proper technology software—particularly Google's.


Volkswagen ‘Laugh’

Laughter is not always the best medicine. For the traveler in this Deutsch spot facing a nine-hour drive, it might just be hell.


Dead Man Down ‘Elevator Murder Experiment’

Is it OK to stage an attempted murder as a marketing stunt? Thinkmodo did so for the movie Dead Man Down, and took a lot of heat in the process.


Optimum ‘Michael Bolton’

Will you all please just leave Michael Bolton alone, and call Optimum instead? A desperate plea from Mother New York.


Oreo ‘Separator Machine #2″

Toy scientists Barry Kudrowitz and Bill Fienup built their own Oreo-separating machine in this second spot in Wieden + Kennedy's goofy series.


Jaguar ‘Desire – Official Trailer’

Gangsters plus expensive cars plus Damian Lewis plus Lana Del Rey? Jaguar's upcoming short film looks like it will be a rollicking good time. Here's the trailer.


Friskies ‘On Cat Food Boredom’

Henri Le Chat Noir was already feeling damned—trapped in an existential hell from which there is no escape. And that was before he was doing Friskies ads.