Adidas “Slim Chin”

It’s hard to resist a commercial that features a man in a golden jumpsuit standing atop a “lady pyramid” of blondes in golden bikinis. So I didn’t! Playing a character named Slim Chin, who got filthy rich by being freaky fast, actor Ken Jeong gives a lively performance in this spot (via 180 LA) for Adidas and its new Derrick Rose signature shoe. Indeed, it’s so lively that Rose, who puts in an appearance shod in the product, seems a little stiff by comparison. (Don’t quit your day job with the Bulls, Derrick.) The spot is fun to watch, though it’s hard not to feel the shoe being advertised is the least fun and/or interesting part of it. That’s always a danger in wildly off-the-wall advertising, and this commercial partly succumbs to that peril. Still, if you’re in the market for an athletic shoe that will help you to be fast, the spot certainly conveys the connection between Rose’s shoe and that attribute. The further advantage of the spot’s weird approach is that it enables Adidas to deliver a hard-sell message about the product without making viewers feel they’ve been subjected to one. –Mark Dolliver