Adding Up Adweek’s Classified Ads for Jobs

You’ve got to hand it to this year’s collapse in the market for jobs in advertising, media and marketing. Past downturns have been a bit spotty, leaving some regions in better shape than others. Judging by the volume of help-wanted classifieds in Adweek, this one has been scrupulously fair, flattening the employment market from coast to coast. Nor have there been momentary upturns to raise false hopes among job seekers. No, no: The numbers have careened straight downward all year. Indeed, we can look back on January, when the U.S. total fell by 61 percent, as a golden age compared to May. In an odd way, the current situation puts pressure on people who are hiring. A year ago, they could feel triumphant to enlist anyone who had a pulse. Now, in such a buyer’s market, they’ll feel like chumps if the people they hire turn out to be duds.