Ad Partners Empowers Ferman’s Customers

ATLANTA Ad Partners has launched its first work for Ferman Motors since winning the account following a review in June, the shop said.

The work includes television spots that are airing on local network affiliates in the Tampa, Fla., metropolitan area and a 10-page special section in the Saturday editions of The Tampa Tribune that features the dealership’s cars.

None of the television spots were shot on a car lot, nor do they include sales pitches for rebates or special financing. Each features a person who has recently bought or is about to buy a car. The tagline: “Treating people like people. For over 100 years.”

“We wanted to empower the customer by proving that Ferman gets where they’re coming from,” said Glenn Arscott, creative director at the independent St. Petersburg, Fla., shop. “We wanted to tell the customer’s story.”

One ad depicts a young man who just bought his first car giving his bicycle to a neighborhood boy. Several other ads show people who are intimidated by or frustrated with car shopping.

Ferman spends $6 million annually on advertising, according to Nielsen Monitor-Plus. The company operates 17 car dealerships in the Tampa area and has total annual sales of about $600 million.