Ad of the Day: Southern Comfort Finds a Crazy New Hero in ‘Young Gun’ Bartender

What can he make you?

The Southern Comfort Man. He’s not so much a specific person as a general idea.

He’s a potbellied, Speedo-wearing gentleman taking a leisurely stroll on the beach. He’s a craggy-looking dude practicing his karate moves at the local beauty parlor. He’s a nerdy guy in an unfortunate tie dancing like he doesn’t care who’s watching. If you were going to generalize, however, it’d be safe to say that the Southern Comfort Man is middle-aged and mustachioed. Or, he has been, until now.

Southern Comfort’s latest spot from Wieden + Kennedy New York, titled “Young Gun,” breaks that mold with a central character who’s both young and mustache-free. But don’t worry—he’s still quite the oddball. Described by the brand as an “accomplished bartending journeyman,” the next-gen Southern Comfort Man has the scrawniness (and predilection for hip-gyration) of a young Mick Jagger combined with the hair of Keith Moon circa 1969 and an outfit that would fit right in on the set of Road House. 

So what is it that makes this man most comfortable? It’s mixing cocktails in his own signature style, which apparently translates to shooting soda water into peoples’ drinks while writhing around to The Phantom’s 1958 rockabilly hit “Love Me.” As ridiculous as that sounds, his performance is oddly dynamic, not to mention appealing to the gentler sex, albeit in more of an “I’m intrigued” way than an “I’m going to immediately throw myself at you” way. (Much appreciated, SoCo.)

While it’s hard to imagine the new Southern Comfort Man drawing the same level of adoration as Beach Guy or Karate Dude, he’s still a worthy inheritor of the mantle. In short, while you’d probably think he was kind of a weirdo if you ran into him at a bar, you also secretly wish you had that much balls-out confidence. Just not the acid-washed jeans.  

Client: Brown Forman/Southern Comfort

Agency: Wieden + Kennedy, New York
Executive Creative Director: Susan Hoffman
Creative Directors: Jimm Lasser & Caleb Jensen
Creatives: Andrew Jasperson, Fabian Berglund
Producer: Orlee Tatarka
Head of Content Production: Nick Setounski
Account Team: Toby Hussey & Katie Hoak

Production Company: Biscuit Filmworks
Director: Steve Rogers
Executive Producer: Holly Vega
Managing Director: Shawn Lacy
Line Producer: Kathy Rhodes
Director of Photography: Benoit Delhomme

Editorial Company: Mackenzie Cutler
Editor: Gavin Cutler
Assistant Editor: Ryan Steele
Post Executive Producer: Sasha Hirschfeld

VFX Company: The Mill
VFX Senior Producer: Orlaith Finucane & Aleen Kim
Lead Flame Artist/Creative Director: Jade Kim (Lead) & Margolit Steiner
CG Artist: Laurent Giaume

Song: Love Me
Artist: The Phantom
Music Supervisor: Andrew Charles Kahn, Good Ear Music Supervision

Mix Company: Sonic Union
Mixer: Steve Rosen