Ad of the Day: This Publisher Makes Books You Can Plant and Grow Back Into Trees

FCB gives back to nature

Normally, books come from trees. This particular volume reverses that process.

FCB Buenos Aires and children's publisher Pequeno Editor created Tree Book Tree, a program that involved making handsome, hand-stitched books from acid-free paper, jacaranda seeds and ecologically friendly ink. Once planted in the ground, it will, in fact, eventually sprout into a tree. (Alas, The Good Earth isn't available in this format.)

The project is designed to teach kids 8-12 where books come from—not the Internet, as some probably believe. (Actually, given the increasingly paperless state of our global techtopia, it may end up teaching them what a physical book is, period.) It's also a novel way for youngsters to learn about replenishing resources and giving back to nature.

As the campaign says: "Trees and children can grow together."

The tree-book is a story titled Mi Papá Estuvo en la Selva—aka, My Dad Was in the Jungle. (The story was originally issued in standard book form by the publisher a few years back.) Check out the promotional clip to see copies of it germinate in bookstore windows. Fifty Shades of Grey can't do that, yet somehow that stinker managed to grow two sequels!

I hope DDB's Drinkable Book is on a shelf nearby. It should come in handy when watering time rolls around.

Client: Pequeño Editor
Director: Raquel Franco
Art director: Diego Bianki
Agency: FCB Buenos Aires
Executive Creative Director: Tony Waissmann
Creative Director: Diego Rubio
Creative Director: Sebastián Fulgencio
Art Director: Emiliano Cortez
Copywriter: Dardo Pérez
Copywriter: Daniel Arango
General Account Director: Fabiana Antonelli
Production Audiovisual Director: Gabriel Lancioni
Production Graphic Director: Marcelo Atencio
Production Audiovisual: Maximiliano Ibarra
Production Audiovisual Assistant: Federico Miri
Director: Guido Cassini
Musical Producer: Jerónimo Montalvo Twins Music