Ad of the Day: iRobot

Roomba inspires a song and dance in Mullen's goofy new campaign

Remember the Roomba? The iRobot-made mini-hovercraft-slash-vacuum, which has somehow already been in existence for a decade, is back with a vengeance thanks to a $10 million ad campaign across print, Web and TV from Boston agency Mullen. There's also an iRobot-branded YouTube channel—which ties in nicely with the star of Roomba's video spots, YouTube dubstep dance sensation Marquese Scott.

The spot, titled "Do You?" (as in "iRobot, Do You?"—whatever that means), features Scott and a bevy of otherwise normal-looking people so inspired by their Roomba vacuum that they break into a very challenging version of "The Robot" dance with their electronic friend. But the real draw here is the Roomba song. There is literally a Roomba dance song. With lyrics. (Sample: "Got a robot vacuum cleaning up my life.") God help us, it's so bizarre (and passionately performed!) that it's actually kind of catchy.

The point of this whole song-and-dance routine, according to iRobot, is to show "the unique bond that is created between people and robots." Apparently, people have been known to treat their Roomba "as a member of the family," going so far as to name it. Shortly after I had finished rolling my eyes at this marketing angle, I happened to remember a long-lost member of my own family: The Polaris robotic pool cleaner, also known affectionately in our household as "The Little Guy." Too bad he never had his own song.

Client: iRobot
Product: Roomba vacuum
Agency: Mullen, Boston
Chief Creative Officer: Mark Wenneker
Group Creative Director, Copywriter: Brian Tierney
Associate Creative Director, Art Director: Jesse Blatz
Executive Director of Integrated Production: Liza Near
Producer: Zeke Bowman
Production Company: Smuggler
Director: Jamie Rafn
Executive Producer: Allison Kunzman
Producer: Ray Leakey
Director of Photography: Ray Coates
Editing Company: Rock Paper Scissors
Visual Effects: Brickyard VFX
Music: Scott Monaghan (Mr. Pitiful); Robot Repair
Audio Post: Soundtrack

Digital Credit
Associate Creative Director, Copywriter: Nicole Berard

Print Credit
Photographer: Kara Kochalko