Ad of the Day: Clearasil Says Acne Is Nothing Compared the Endless Hell of Teaching High School

Droga5 puts it all in perspective

When you're in high school, it's easy to feel like the daily torment of embarrassment and awkwardness will never end.

But it does end. For the students. The teachers, however, will find no escape in graduation.

In Droga5's new campaign for the acne treatment, teachers and faculty stoically describe the unending treadmill of their jobs and shrug off the fleeting frustrations of puberty.

"Teens, let's be clear. Teenage acne? It's not going to last forever," one teacher advises. "So next time you're worrying about a pimple, remember: The hard stuff? It'll all be over soon."

The message is a bit odd for a medication, since it seems to imply you can just wait out a pimple without incurring a lifetime of regret (which you certainly can). But it's a nice change in tone for an industry that's thrived on heightening teen insecurity and anxiety for decades.

Clearasil is also giving away 10 scholarships for $5,000, though the requirements are a bit clunky. A student must get a teacher to complete the following line: "Teen acne ends. You know what doesn't? ________"

I can't imagine a teacher getting too excited about confessing his or her career frustrations as a student's proxy in a marketing campaign, but given the vibe of soulless drudgery conveyed in these ads, maybe the teachers would be happy just to have some break in the monotony.


Client: Clearasil
Campaign: Teacher Truths
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