Ad of the Day: Burger King

UFC's Anderson Silva belts out his high-pitched love for the Mega BK Stacker

There's nothing funnier than a very manly man doing very un-manly things—or at least, advertisers seem to think so, given how often that theme pops up in ads. Ogilvy Brazil adopts that tactic in its own rather strange spot for Burger King's Mega BK Stacker, starring one of the manliest men of all—the UFC's longest reigning middleweight champion, Anderson Silva.

For those unfamiliar with Silva, he's famous not only for his mixed martial arts fighting but also for his unexpectedly high-pitched voice. (He's also Brazilian.) Burger King has a bit of fun with this by having Silva lip-sync "Lovin' You" by Minnie Riperton, which ends on a glass-shatteringly high note (not to mention juxtaposing him with a pair of tweeting songbirds). The object of Silva's affection is, of course, the Mega BK Stacker, an enormous pile of grease that appears to be made up of about 20 layers of meat and cheese. The serenade takes the form of a schlocky '90s music video, with Silva dressed in the requisite all-white suit, turtleneck, and black leather gloves as he over-emotes into a gold microphone—that is, when he's not busy playing the harp or staring longingly at the rotating hamburger.

In its own bizarre way, the ad has an appealing silliness to it, and at the very least succeeds at being memorable. And whether you know who Silva is or not, it's hard to deny there's something a little bit amusing about an intimidating-looking guy lip-syncing to a cheesy song.

Cliente: Burger King
Título: "Anderson Silva"
Agência: Ogilvy & Mather, Brazil
VP, Nacional de Criação: Anselmo Ramos
Direção de Criação: Eduardo Marques, Rafael Donato
Direção de Arte: Fabiano Gomes, Vinicius Siepierski
Redação: Rafael Donato, Pedro Fernandes
RTV: Cecília Taioli, Naná Bittencourt
Atendimento: Carolina Vieira, Virginia Mendes, Ana Carolina Bacchereti
Animação e Motion: Rubens Angelo, Danielle Galvão, Eliane Parvati
Midia: Giuliana Chekin, Daniela Moura, Antonio Ferreira, Carla Caramante, Fernanda Dornelas
Aprovação Cliente: Ariel Grunkraut, Paul Davis, Fernanda Bare
Produtora: PBA Cinema
Direção: Luís Mermet, Mayra Gama
Produtor Executivo: Nívio Alves de Souza, Mayra Gama
Direção de Fotografia: Nico Trovato
Equipe Produção: Edu Pereira
Montador: Arthur Brito
Pós-produção: Casablanca
Finalização: Beti Tubino
Elenco: Beti Tubino
Produtora de som: S de Samba
Locução: Phil Miller