4A’s Management Conference

Attendance was up at the American Association of Advertising

Agencies’ 87th annual management conference May 4-6 at the Fairmont Southampton in Bermuda (up 50 from last year’s 330 attendees). As always, the meeting drew a combination of ad execs from large and small agencies. On the opening day of the conference, O. Burtch Drake, president and CEO of the 4A’s, welcomed the attendees during a group lunch. Other highlights included an outdoor reception and barbecue with fireworks on May 4, which was sponsored by The New York Times. On May 5, a cocktail reception and dinner on the Great Lawn, which was sponsored by MSN, was followed by comedian Richard Jeni. And when the attendees weren’t in the conference hall listening to speakers or partaking in panels, they found some time to soak up the sun. Plenty of poolside industry banter was heard, and a decent number of golf games played.