3 Tech Clients Choose Blazing Paradigm

Blazing Paradigm is going virtual.
The San Francisco agency, best known for its work with such clients as outdoor supplier The North Face and Spaten Beer, recently added roughly $15 million in Internet and technology business to its roster.
The shop will handle advertising for Communities.com, NetTV and XMarkstheSpot.com. The agency won each piece of business without a formal review.
Agency creative director Sam Pond said the new business doesn’t represent a completely new direction for the shop, but instead indicates its desire to diversify the client list.
“We try to keep a mix of dot-com businesses and offline businesses,” Pond said. “What’s great about these three is we’ll be able to help them launch a brand. These places are young and developing, but the businesses were formed with good values.”
Communities.com is an Internet meeting site that relies heavily on multimedia. One of the main features of the site is an area where surfers can visit parts of the Internet and chat online, play games or watch streaming video.
XMarkstheSpot works as a virtual coupon service. Web users can get cash and rewards for signing up for Internet services and shopping online.
Finally, NetTV markets a home entertainment system, including CD and DVD player, designed to connect all the other media devices in a home in a single location.
Representatives at the clients all said they were attracted by the agency’s ability to build brands through conventional advertising.
Campaigns for all the companies will include TV, radio, print and online work.
Pond said he did not know what direction any of the new work would take, saying the agency needs to research the businesses first.
Among Blazing Paradigm’s other clients are Xpedior and America True.