THE 3 B’s FOR FK&P’s 17 Houston shop Fogarty Klein & Partners recently invaded a bowling alley on the South side of town to mark its 17th anniversary with bowling, barbecue and beer.

More than 160 agency staffers, media reps and clients turned out for the costume-themed celebration.
Squads with names like The Bowling Stones and The Lane Brains decorated the bowling alley and themselves, but the Uni-Bowlers, outfitted in hooded sweat jackets and
sunglasses, walked off with the most creative team award.
Agency principals Bill Fogarty, Rich Klein and Tom Monroe handed out trophies to the winning teams after the last frame was bowled.
To mark FK&P’s 17 years in business, Eller Outdoor donated a billboard across the street from the agency. Jurassic Park-style lettering warned drivers: “Something Else Has Survived–FK&P Celebrates 17 Years of Advertising Excellence.”
The agency party was topped off by a huge anniversary cake supplied by–who else?–longtime supermarket client Randall’s.