Your Cheat Sheet to Unlocking Customer Intelligence

How to turn first-party data into customer understanding

Here’s a sobering statistic—80% of CEOs believe their companies are delivering exceptional customer experiences, but 78% of consumers don’t believe brands understand them as individuals, according to IBM. Obviously, this isn’t great. But there is a solution, and it lies in unlocking insights from your first-party data.

To successfully turn first-party data into intelligence, a growing number of companies are turning to customer intelligence platforms that put first-party CRM data at the epicenter and enrich it with third-party data and machine learning algorithms. Our new ebook, “The Marketer’s Cheat Sheet to Turning First-Party Data Into Customer Intelligence,” guides you through that process with step-by-step insights to transforming, enriching and activating your first-party data.

Check out the new ebook, “The Marketer’s Cheat Sheet to Turning First-Party Data Into Customer Intelligence.”

Superior customer understanding doesn’t need to be so complicated. The guide covers:

  • How to gather and de-silo first-party data and build an identity strategy that relies on permanent identifiers.
  • What high-quality third-party data looks like, along with the attributes of a complete customer profile.
  • The basics of activating your new 360-degree customer profiles through predictive analytics, advanced personalization and lookalike audiences.

Don’t go another day without fully understanding what your customers want and need. Download the ebook today.