Why B2B Marketers Need to Mind the Data Gap

Building a Foundation for ABM, Martech and Programmatic

As B2B marketers head toward data-driven transformation, they must overcome a number of critical challenges to reap the benefits that martech can provide.

This is the key theme to “Mind the Data Gap,” a new survey-based study from Adweek Branded and Dun & Bradstreet, that examines how B2B brand marketers and their agencies are approaching data-driven marketing and advertising. They see how data can speed up B2B’s longer buying cycle and provide insights into its more complicated customer journey. Today, many B2B marketers. It’s a strong competitive advantage, but for most organizations, it remains untapped.

Check out “Mind the Data Gap: 2019 B2B Data-Driven Marketing and Advertising Outlook.”

Based on an exclusive study of 237 B2B marketers, the study reveals the data-driven priorities for brands and agencies in 2019. Key findings include:

• B2B’s big data challenge is actually putting it to use: Half of respondents say data silos in their organizations have a negative impact on their data-driven marketing efforts.

• Account-based marketing starts to take hold: ABM is a critical way for B2B brands to gain an edge in understanding the complex customer journey and 37 percent are now doing ABM. But a knowledge gap may be slowing broader adoption.

• Programmatic holds steady: 63 percent of B2B marketers are doing programmatic ad buying, the same as last year, but 61 percent plan to increase their programmatic spending.

Find out more about what B2B marketers say about their data plans. Download the study to see how your martech stack stacks up.