What It Takes to Get Consumers’ Attention in the New Media Environment

Brands need to keep the focus on monetization

The attention war is no joke. It’s forcing media brands to rethink decades-old business models and navigate complex new technology.

To succeed, brands need to know how to leverage AI to understand their audiences and monetize their attention in new ways. A new ebook from Salesforce—“The War for Attention: Bringing Intelligence to a New Media Ecosystem” —can help you wrap your head around the new ecosystem.

Download the complete guide “The War for Attention: Bringing Intelligence to a New Media Ecosystem” 

The guide takes an in-depth look at the attention economy with a focus on best practices on how to rethink experiences to stay relevant. Highlights include how to:

• Forge new partnerships: Having a fresh set of eyes can help media brands learn from areas they aren’t experienced in ranging from infrastructure to content to distribution.

• Learn from the best in the biz: A case study on how one of the largest tech giants that acquired world’s leading live streaming platform for gamers showcases an innovative tactic for finding and monetizing a new audience.

• Create trust: Building a culture of trust with consumers and employees will increase the speed of sales and positively influence revenue.

Consumers’ attention is going to become even more fragmented. Download the guide to learn how you can keep up.