What Gen Z Wants From Media

User-generated content, personalized podcasts and more

The oldest members of Gen Z have just entered the workforce,  but that hasn’t stopped them from throwing the publishing world into a tizzy of speculation over how and where they’ll consume content.

To answer those questions, video platform Connatix polled over 1000 consumers across generations to understand shifting content behavior. “Gen Z: The New Voice in The Editor’s Room” dives into what is going to happen when Gen Z takes the generation throne. Will content remain king?

Download the complete report, “Gen Z: The New Voice in The Editor’s Room”

The insights include:

  • Gen Zers are actually strong news consumers. Nearly three quarters (73%) of Gen Z spends an hour every day reading the news compared to 67% of millennials who do the same.
  • Gen Z will add another dimension to the audio revolution. A quarter of respondents said they would pay $10 a year for personalized podcasts.
  • Nearly half of Gen Z (46%) spends an hour every day watching publisher videos online and 40% want to see recommended videos.

Don’t let Gen Zs’ demands catch you off guard, download the report today.