The Data Problem You Didn’t Know You Had and How to Fix It

Verifying the audiences you’re targeting is easier than you think

No matter how great the creative or messaging, your campaign won’t work if it isn’t seen by the right people. But how do you know that the people in your digital audience are actually who you believe them to be? This might seem simple, but only one-third of marketers verify the audiences they are trying to reach.

Why is that? According to Lindsay Fordham, senior director of audience products at Lucid, today’s data buyers lack the tools to measure the accuracy of the data they are buying. “The problem with relying on data and taking it at face value is that you don’t know whether it’s high quality or not based on its reach or cost,” she says in the above video.

The solution? Ask the people you’re trying to reach if they are who the data says they are.

For example, is the person identified as a “Nascar dad” really a fan of the sport or a millennial mom who happens to let her son watch races on her streaming account? The only way to know is to ask.

For more on how to verify your audience data check out the above video.