Is Your Agency Ready for a Recession?

Your 10 biggest financial management and planning questions answered

Unpredictable times call for financial prudence. As agencies of all types have retrenched and regrouped during the Covid-19 pandemic, they also need to be thinking about how they’ll operate should a recession ensue.

With the last downturn taking place over a decade ago, many agencies have not experienced an economic slump. With that in mind, we put together this ebook—“The 10 Question Guide to Agency Financial Planning for a Recession” —to help with some of your most pressing issues. The answers come from four top experts in agency finances and operations. Think of it as a jumping-off point for weathering the current storm and taking advantage of new opportunities.

Read the complete ebook, “The 10 Question Guide to Agency Financial Planning for a Recession.”

Among the questions getting expert answers are:

Get the expert advice you need to survive (and maybe even thrive) in the coming months, download the ebook today.