Brand Positioning Is So Last Century—Redefine Your Strategy to Compete for Customer Loyalty

How to holistically evaluate and adjust brand performance in today’s digital world

Current methods for measuring and driving brand growth in a crowded marketplace aren’t cutting it anymore. Customer experience is the new battleground where brands compete for consumers’ money and loyalty.

To meet this challenge head-on, marketers need to reinforce their brand performance strategies through the alignment of customer experience, competency, commitment and customer insight. A new report, “Redefining Brand Performance for the 21st Century,” explores how marketers can put those customer-centric elements into place and deliver the brand-differentiating experience consumers expect.

Access the complete report, “Redefining Brand Performance for the 21st Century.”

Key insights include:

  • Brand awareness is currently a higher priority than business expansion, demand generation and event spending.
  • Marketers can deduce value from brand scores. But to fully understand brand performance, they need to link customer experience and brand metrics.
  • Most companies decrease paid media during recessions, however, those who maintain their ad budgets and/or adjust messaging can achieve a long-term increase in sales and market share.

To learn more about reimagining brand performance to boost profitability, download the report now.