92% of Consumers Don’t Understand How Their Data Gets Used

What it takes to succeed in a GDPR world

Despite rising regulation, an overwhelming 92 percent of consumers still don’t understand how their data is being used. All that work you do to create relevant messaging? It only serves as an unwelcome reminder to consumers that you’re using their data to make money off of them.

But an exclusive survey of more than 287,000 global consumers by Ogury—detailed in its new ebook, “The Reality Report: Consumer Attitudes Towards Mobile Marketing 2019”—found that there is a solution. Consumers want a fair value exchange, and the vast majority (71 percent) are happy to share their data if they understand how it is being used. When consumers are given the opportunity to make an informed choice, it paves the way to a future where consenting consumers see personalized ads and have trusting relationships with advertisers.

Download the complete research study “The Reality Report: Consumer Attitudes Towards Mobile Marketing 2019.”

Marketers will have to work hard to reach that future though. A shocking 90 percent of survey respondents said that targeted advertising is annoying, and 84 percent agreed that the number of irrelevant marketing messages has increased over time or stayed the same. In short, consumers are sick of being targeted without their permission.

As we move from data-driven to choice-first, you need to be up to date on what consumers want from advertisers. Download the ebook to discover how they feel.