Portrait of Rick Welday

Rick Welday

Rick Welday is president of Xandr Media, the advanced TV and addressable audience solutions business for AT&T’s advertising company, Xandr. A veteran in advertising, Welday previously served as CMO for AT&T’s consumer segment, including all video and internet consumer marketing. He serves on the board of the Video Advertising Bureau and the executive committee for the IAB Board of Directors.

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How Using Addressable TV Can Reduce Repetitive Ads

Convergent TV

It's accessible enough that even smaller brands can do it.

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5 Things You Should Know About Addressable Ads as More Dollars Shift to Digital

Brand Marketing

The momentum behind addressable TV, delivering household-specific advertising based on an advertiser-defined target—regardless of programming or time of day in both live and playback modes—has reached an important inflection point [...]