Sony Music’s Don Ienner resigns, but no one knows why…

Sometimes, you’d think that a Nexis search is simply beyond the means of most major news outlets. While the AP and lots of other organizations carry the news today that […]

They cracked the “Code” – so now what?

Slate’s Kim Masters today rightly asks the question: Can money buy happiness? When it comes to “The Da Vinci Code,” maybe not. “Going through the opening of The Da Vinci […]

LAT in 90 Seconds

— “Street people and loft residents have joined forces to block removal of the name ‘Skid Row’ from the sides of firetrucks and rescue ambulances that are assigned to the […]

Snakes on a motherf@#%ing plane!

Attention summer theater-goers: Movie perfection has been achieved.

Rwandan president: “Hotel Rwanda” a “rewrite” of history

Astonishing claims today out of Africa, where Rwandan president Paul Kagame dimissed “Hotel Rwanda” as a “rewrite” of history. More, per Reuters, the president “said people in the hotel were […]

The Devil’s in the details: 06-06-06

The movie business is officially possessed. Or perhaps it’s just drunk with glee over the fabulous “X Men: The Last Stand” grosses. Either way, Fox domestic distribution president Bruce Snyder […]

Target takes aim at Ziggy Marley

More and more, we’re impressed by those acts who flip their labels the bird and go solo. Amy Mann. Alanis Morrissette. And now, Ziggy Marley. Today, Billboard carries thew word […]

LAT in 90 seconds

— Wow. I had no idea that if you feel you’ve been “psychologically damaged by the process” of dating, you can get millions of dollars worth of compensation. Lucky me! […]

Marvel…at the spin

God, we love Hollywood: Even when someone appears to have been shot out of a cannon, it can still be made to sound marvelous. As is the case at Marvel […]

Watching “Chicken Little” on your laptop? Send a thank-you note to porn

As usual, Hollywood is eating porn’s dust. Today, Disney announced it has struck a new deal with CinemaNow, the movie download service. Per the Hollywood Reporter, “The deal, which took […]