Kelly Heckman

Deko-Deko Mail — A New Way To Play With What You Say

Deko-Deko Mail is an animated messaging system that allows the user to choose from nearly 2000 animations to accompany a wall post. The combination app/game from HumaNature Studios launched mid-February, […]

LOLApps Expands Ravenwood Fair, Plans New Title, Shutters Other Games

Having shifted from simple quiz-style apps to branded games to its own in-house games, Lolapps has found its place on social platforms. Now, it’s killing off its other titles to […]

IMVU Games Taking Advantage of Strong Growth

IMVU (pronounced I-M-V-U or im-view) has long been known as a web-based avatar chat system. Founded on the premise of creating an emotional connection through the use of avatars, in […]

With GunShine, SuperCell Looks to Create a More Social MMOG Off the Facebook Canvas

As Facebook becomes crowded with successful titles, developers are looking for other ways to publish their games. Some are looking at alternative platforms. Still others are using the Facebook platform […]

Playdom’s Deep Realms Brings Classic RPG Play to Facebook

Though recent months have seen a flood of traditional MMORPGs inside the Facebook canvas, a true role-playing game has yet to break through. Social RPGs such as Frontierville, Ravenwood Fair […]

Nexon Enters Social Games Market With Classics MapleStory and KartRider

The consumer media’s obsession with World of Warcraft’s subscription numbers often makes it difficult to hear above the din. Nexon’s MapleStory was eight times larger than Blizzard’s behemoth before it […] Launch Follows a Strong 2010, With a Maturing Stable of Games on Facebook

Casual gaming company announced a new version of its site designed for Facebook, an application called MyGames portal. While the app has been on Facebook for years, the version […]

Supercell Announces Closed Beta of New MMOG, Gunshine

Supercell came out of stealth-mode today with the announcement of Gunshine, an isometric MMORPG/FPS that runs not so much in Facebook as through Facebook. With a AAA-list of company developers […]

Blue Fang Brings Iconic The Oregon Trail Title to Facebook

After a successful port to the iOS last year by Gameloft, the eponymously named The Oregon Trail of edutainment fame has made the move to Facebook. Blue Fang Games, in […]

Incrediland Encourages Friends to Breed New Animals, Using Lessons from Real-World Genetics

Going by the tag line — “IncrediLand: Breed with your friends” — players might not pick up on the depth of the real-world genetics rules that underscore the core design […]