Katie Kindelan

Foursquare Adds Photos: ‘Color’ful Feature or Privacy Concern?

When popular check-in service Foursquare announced this week it would add an easy photo-sharing function, users could be forgiven for seeing shades of ‘Color’ flash before their eyes, and wondering if, perhaps, their favorite site had just gone there too. Did it?

Is Match.com Now Hitting All Privacy Fronts With New Sex Offender Screening?

Match.com took a leap past other dating sites when it announced this week it will begin screening members against the national sex offender registry. Will the extra screening step put members at ease and bolster the sagging popularity of online dating, or raise even more privacy concerns?

What Advice Does a Security Firm Have for Facebook?

Security firm Sophos has penned an open letter to Facebook that minces no words in making its message clear: it is time the world’s most popular social networking site make privacy and security changes. Three changes, to be exact.

Does Your Favorite Social Network Have Your Back on Privacy?

Think all social networks and Web companies will fight equally for your privacy when the government comes calling? Think again, especially if you are a user of Apple, Comcast, MySpace, Skype and Verizon.

What Will Wal-Mart Do With A Social Media Company?

Attention Wal-Mart shoppers: coming soon to an e-store near you, more social media-friendly shopping. Is that what Wal-Mart had in mind when it just spent an undisclosed sum to buy social media company Kosmix?

Panic Button iPhone/Android App Lets Kids Alert Families ASAP

Check-in. That appears to be the key word behind the rapid growth of Life360, a company billed as “your family’s private safety network” that just announced its app is now being used by over 2 million families, and growing by 100,000 to 120,000 users each week.

Interview: Why is A New Social Networking Site for Kids in the UK Worth Watching in the US?

As the online privacy debate swirls in the United States, one interesting area to watch is how, when, or even if, privacy tracking technologies successful abroad will migrate to the States.

Top 5 Apps for a Very ‘Appy’ Easter

Easter Sunday is hopping upon us quickly, with just days left for you to plan that perfect menu, dye those two dozen eggs, remember why you bought that 10lb chocolate […]

Facebook Cashing In On User Data? What Do You, the User, Think?

“Facebook knows…” “Mother lode of personal information…” “For Facebook users, the free ride is over.” What is a Facebook user to do, or think?

White House Unveils ‘Cyber ID’ Proposal: What Does It Mean for You?

The Obama administration is moving full-steam ahead with its plan for an Internet ID for Americans, pushing aside concerns that creating a national identity card would be extremely controversial. Pilot projects for the ID program could begin as early as next year. What should you expect?