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DON'T MISS THIS: Zynga is Blowing Up An Armored Truck At 6PM PDT

Just in case you forgot, the biggest, baddest, most over-the-top Facebook game launch is going down tonight at 6PM PDT. Snoop Dogg will push a button, an armored truck will […]

A Ridiculous Mafia Wars Promotion: Zynga To Blow Up Armored Truck In Las Vegas

It started with some “illegal tender” in Hermosa Beach last week, and it’s guaranteed to end with a bang–Mafia Wars Las Vegas has reached their 10 million player threshold, and […]

50,000 Facebook Users Press Panic Button To Report Sexual Predators

A panic button application installed into Facebook in the UK after pressure from a prominent British child protection organization, the Child Exploitation and Online Protection Centre (Ceop), is reportedly a […]

Zynga Runs Guerrilla Mafia Wars Campaign In Hermosa Beach, CA

At 13th Street and Pier Ave., right on the pathway in front of the Hermosa Beach House in Hermosa Beach, CA, lies a pile of money, or so it seems. […]

Twitter to the Rescue: Lost, Injured Triathlete Saved by Tweet

Imagine this: you are a novice biker, participating in a triathlon hundreds of miles away from home when you get lost from the race pack and go flying over your […]

Traffic Police In Delhi Use Facebook To Catch Infractions

Residents in Delhi, India have been transformed into police informants ever since the traffic police launched a Facebook page in order to crack down on bad drivers.

Facebook Blocks "Power.com" In Status Updates Following Lawsuit

Last week we learned of the outcome of Facebook’s lawsuit with Power Ventures aka Power.com – terms of service violations are not criminal offenses. This was somewhat of a loss […]

Terms of Service Violation Not A Crime, Says Court; Bypassing Terms of Service Might Be

A North California District Court Judge dismissed Facebook’s lawsuit against Power Ventures this week, unconvinced by the site’s claim that Power.com’s efforts to integrate Facebook into its platform constituted a […]

Facebook Asset Freeze Struck Down In Federal Court

Facebook’s assets are no longer on legal lockdown since a New York Judge struck down a temporary restraining order against the company on Friday. It was pretty unbelievable news that […]

Man Claims He Owns 84% Of Facebook

A man has filed suit in the Supreme Court of New York’s Alleganey County alleging that by virtue of a 2003 contract with Mark Zuckerberg, Facebook’s founder he owns an […]