Betsy Rothstein

Secret Service Agent Saw White House Staff Dancing Like Seinfeld’s Elaine

As you might imagine, ex-Secret Service agent Dan Bongino is not warming the hearts of his former bosses these days. He’s also not on the best of terms with his […]

Arianna Hufffington is Now a Tulip Tree

At this point nothing that HuffPost runs in its online beast of a publication is that surprising. Not even today’s blog posting in which some people in Hawaii name a […]

Politico’s Harris Introduces Berke to Staff

In an internal memo, Politico Editor-in-Chief John Harris introduces his new right hand man, Rick Berke, to staff. Shall we call them Rarris or Herke? We’ll mull it over. In […]

Big Get: NYT’s Berke To Politico

This just in… NYT‘s Rick Berke joins Politico as Executive Editor, which was Jim VandeHei’s old position before he got the fancier title of President and CEO. See the sentimental […]

Morning Chatter

Something heartening… “Awaiting my oldest friend — we were 3 when we met — as he makes DC stop on his 1st family trip to the US. #psyched” — Yahoo! […]

Journo Asks: Can I Wear Undies to the Gym?

This week we featured a remark from Politico‘s Roger Simon declaring that he had underwear older than a guy who just turned 30. NRSC Strategist Brad Dayspring was particularly grossed […]

Politico’s Glenn Thrush Skips Credit for Daily Beast’s Josh Rogin

One thing that can be determined from the behavior of Politico in the last 24 hours is that they psychologically can’t handle coming in second place. Even if that’s what […]

At Last! A Soirée for D.C.’s Party Hostess

Lobbyist Heather Podesta will host a party for lobbyist and well-known party host Juleanna Glover for a job move to Teneo. A note to NYT Mark Leibovich: There will be […]

A Modern Day Riddle: Why is David Bass Toasting With the Prez?

In a rare moment of DC bipartisanship, President Obama and a suited man who looks distinctly like Raptor executive David Bass raise a toast. The balding mustachioed white-haired gent who […]

Assoc. Producer Bugged by Paint Smell

Dan Henning, the longtime associate producer of “The Bill Press Show,” is clearly having some issues this morning in the Eastern Market office space that houses the show. Henning recently […]