B.J. Mendelson

Actually, You Can Measure The ROI Of Your Parents

When I hear this nonsense blurted out by social media experts where they say, "What’s the ROI of your mother?" to justify the garbage they’re trying to sell by not answering a legitimate question with a legitimate answer, I cringe. Because they’re saying this ridiculous thing, which they think has no answer and is supposed to sound deep and meaningful, in order to escape answering a question they actually have no answer for. But when you get past the BS of these hucksters, you know that there is an answer. And in the case of my Dad, the return on investment, or if we can just call it what it is, the influence he’s had on my life, can be measured. As it turns out, you can measure the ROI of your mother and father.

Why You Are a Sucker for Buying Anything Related to Content Marketing

By now you know I wrote a book about how the term social media is bullshit. "Social Media" doesn’t mean anything. It’s just this amorphous term that was adopted by marketers around the same time their previous empty term, Web 2.0, was cooling off in terms of popularity. So now that social media is likewise fading in use, “content marketing”, which like social media is equally empty and devoid of usefulness, is starting to take its place.

Startup Founders Suck and Have No People Skills

I noticed something troubling involving many startup founders I’ve met this year: They suck and have no people skills.

With Yahoo! Buying Tumblr, How Much Does Social Media Marketer Gary Vaynerchuk Stand To Make?

I have a simple question for you: How much does social media guru Gary Vaynerchuk stand to make from Yahoo's purchase of Tumblr? On Gary Vaynerchuk’s website, he discloses that he has an investment in Tumblr.

Crappy Tech Journalism Ruins Air Travel For Everyone

Most tech journalists are self-entitled pussies who are afraid to ask the companies they cover tough questions because they’re afraid of losing out on a job opportunity with them. This is a fact.

Why Everyone Hates Google+

Google+. Where do I even start with this shit? I mean, beyond the thorough bashing of it I delivered, and in turn, also delivered to social media marketer Chris Brogan for his ill-timed and poorly conceived Google+ seminar, in Social Media Is BS? Ok. How about I start with this: Every Google employee I know hates Google+.

The Only 10 Things You Will Ever Need to Know About Twitter

So if my stated mission is to put social media marketers out of business, and I’m creating more of them by going after them publicly, what am I supposed to do? Give away their secrets. By telling you everything they know, they can’t keep charging you for it. That means you should pass this post on to everyone you know. Together, we can make these people obsolete.

Everyone at SXSW Is a Douche

I promised I would document some thoughts on my first South By South West (SXSW), but I can't say my opinion is different leaving Austin than it was going in. And I know this will SHOCK YOU, coming from the guy who wrote Social Media Is Bullshit, but I tried to bring an open mind.