Azam Khan

Pinevio Aims To Capture User Interactions With Facebook Content

The social web is overwhelmed with content and it keeps on getting worse: hundreds of millions of shares are done daily, tens of hours of video are being uploaded every minute. Current web technology allows nearly everybody to create and distribute content, it’s great at first sight, but it creates a huge noise problem on the web. More after the jump.

Why Developers and Brands Need Real-Time Understanding of Customer Data

Processing large amounts of data can be difficult for developers as they accumulate troves of it. Running complex queries using traditional database styles isn't fit for developer needs today as they can take hours and require something more real time. InfiniteGraph is offering a way out. More after the jump.

CrowdStar Goes Core

It's no longer a mystery: CrowdStar's entering the midcore market with a strategy game for social gamers on Facebook called Wasteland Empires. The social gaming company's MAU count fell from 20M at the beginning of the month to 12M in mid October, with Facebook's changes in how it counts active users accounting for a rough 3M count loss. More after the jump.

3 Reasons Email Marketing Is The Most Effective at Reaching College Kids

If you listen to today’s social media pundits, it would be easy to believe that email marketing is neither effective nor relevant in today’s digital environment. The logic goes that email has lost its luster to ‘sexier’ marketing channels like Facebook, Twitter, and Foursquare, especially when the target audience is tech-savvy college students. Contrary to popular belief, email is the best engager of college kids as Boris Revskin, CEO of CampusLive, explains after the jump.

72 Percent of iPhone App Revenue Comes from Apps Featuring In-App Purchases

Distimo, the app store market tracking service, continues to reveal the importance of the freemium model. Free app downloads have grown 34 percent since 2010 in contrast to paid app downloads which grew by 7 percent. In the past the firm also reported a 10x growth in freemium revenue from top releases on the App Stor. More after the jump.

Apple’s AirPlay Mirroring Means iPad Games on Your TV — Will This Affect the Games Industry?

As the lines between console and mobile continue to blur, Apple's eyes remain fixated on conquering the living room experience. Its introduction of AirPlay Mirroring could be a key blow to console makers like Sony and Microsoft who are still trying to gain traction on the mobile frontier. The plethora of content on Apple's App Store combined with portable devices could be the reason why Apple will be the first to deliver a seamless gaming experience. More after the jump.

Founder Recollects Conception Of

Mailet Lopez, Founder of, shares her riveting tale of patience, passion and perseverance that propelled her from shackles of cancer to a pedigree of entrepreneurial grace helping others through her newly minted social network that provides support for cancer patients. More after the jump.

OpenFeint’s Game Discovery App Launches On Android

OpenFeint has been the heartthrob of writers in the gaming space, notably for its departing personnel, as it navigates the murky waters of iOS. The latest news to come from the mobile gaming network is its launch of its app discovery platform Game Channel on Android. More after the jump.

Can Apple Capture User Intent With Siri?

It may be easy to pass Siri off as another voice recognition application but its domain stretches beyond AI algorithms, continual learning and contextually aware systems. The new Siri stands tall as Apple's flagship feature to its iPhone 4S and for good reasons. More after the jump.

Heyzap’s ‘Play Tab’ Simplifies Access To Recently Played Games

Once again the popular social game discovery platform, Heyzap, is making the mobile gaming experience more even more user friendly. Today they announced the addition of a new 'Play tab' to its Android app. Conveniently located on the toolbar, the new feature makes it easier than ever for users to browse through their game library without having to search through their whole app library. The company assured us that an iPhone update will be coming soon as well. More after the jump.