Alissa Krinsky

This Year’s Presidential Debates Could Bring In the Biggest Audiences Ever

The three 2016 presidential debates and the one vice presidential debate will air on a dozen TV networks this year. They're 90 minutes apiece, and all of them are commercial-free.

In New Blog, Brian Wilson Warns Journalists to 'Double Check' Online Information

Former Fox News Channel anchor/correspondent Brian Wilson, who left the network in September, says he’s “still driven to write about things going on in the world” and has launched his […]

Craig Crawford: ‘Convinced’ Web Video Content is ‘the Future’

Former MSNBC political analyst Craig Crawford, who writes CQ’s Trail Mix blog, tells WebNewser he’s a big believer in the power and potential of online video content. Crawford — […]

‘Brokaw Explains Canada’ Takes Internet by Storm

Ever since it aired Feb. 12 — during NBC’s run-up to the 2010 Vancouver Winter Olympic Games opening ceremony — Tom Brokaw’s feature story on the history of the U.S.-Canada […]

CNN’s Tony Harris On ‘Facebook Holdouts’: “Count Me In”

“This whole segment here is just to annoy me,” said CNN anchor Tony Harris this morning, as he read the intro to a story on ‘Facebook Holdouts’. “‘To my Facebook […]

Westin On Twitter: “I Prefer To Let The George Stephanopouloses And The Jake Tappers Get The Attention”

As ABC News prepares for the Monday debut of a new, multi-platform ABC News series, The New Normal — which will include interactive viewer participation online — ABC News president […]

Garry Trudeau On Journos “Smitten With The Idea Of A Personal Broadcasting System”

Alissa Krinsky WebNewser Contributor “Stand by for my next tweet,” Roland Hedley proudly tweeted with self-importance last month to his more than 2,900 Twitter followers. “Please retweet this alert to […]