Monday Stir

By Kyle O'Brien 

-Vibram footwear is well known by hikers and mountain climbers, but a new campaign wants to expand the fanbase of the brand by showing the diversity of its shoes. A new brand campaign by New York creative agency Slugger Creative, “This is My Sole,” shows a cast of people who wear very different shoes, from a mountain climber to an industrial worker and an office worker. The creative ties the sole to the soul and ends with the tag, “Vibram: confidence in every step.”

-Bud Light Next, the first zero-carb beer from Anheuser-Busch, is entering the Super Bowl with a 45-second spot focused on looking past the present to build a better future.


-Adweek asked veteran creatives, most of whom have made Super Bowl ads, to discuss the ones they felt proved to be game-changing moments.

-An analysis of online conversations during the last five Big Games by Influential, an AI-powered social data platform backed by IBM Watson, shows that sentiment about Super Bowl commercials is trending down.

-Crypto’s debut in the Super Bowl this month seems a lot like the unforgettable Dot-Com Super Bowl of 2000, which featured ads from 14 web startups and other emerging tech players.

-The New York Times has made its first ad campaign centered on its readers, rather than its reporters and products.

-A skate crew in London that aims to empower marginalized communities is the inspiration for a new campaign from British telco Virgin Media.

-Coca-Cola’s “Hey Kid, Catch!” spot from McCann-Erickson, starring Mean Joe Greene of the Pittsburgh Steelers, is reviewed by Muse by Clio.