Kaley Cuoco Interrupts People to Espouse the Benefits of Booking on Priceline

By Kyle O'Brien 

Now that people are looking to travel more, travel booking site Priceline is tempting them with a new campaign starring brand spokesperson Kaley Cuoco, who tells them that finding a great deal goes hand-in-hand with enjoying a great trip.

The Big Bang actor interrupts people to call attention to Priceline’s great deals and urge them to book a vacation. In one, a woman is working at home when Cuoco barges in and tells the woman to forget about work and book a trip so she can “no way” more—using the phrase to mean a nice vacation and a stop to annoying work calls.


In another spot, Cuoco sits down with a couple at a youth soccer game and tells them to book a trip so they can “woo” more, meaning they can enjoy a family vacation and relax while saving.

The campaign, done in partnership with Dentsu One for creative, focuses on saving more and getting to do more while on vacation, showing how with Priceline, the joy of saving and the joy of travel are mutually beneficial. With Priceline, travelers can save so much that they’ll be able to get more from their travels too. The spots will run on broadcast, digital and podcast channels.

“We designed our new campaign to convey that when you save more with Priceline, you can experience even more travel moments—starting with knowing you got an awesome deal,” Priceline CEO Brett Keller said in a statement. “After two challenging years, consumers want to travel more than ever before. Our new campaign was created to showcase how Priceline is here to help them save and experience more of the moments that matter to them.”