Wins, Fails and WTFs

The Veep Strips Again and Jesus Gets Stoned in This Week’s Wins, Fails and WTFs [Video]

It was a big week for streaming TV as Netflix announced its profits and Amazon picked up a chunk of the HBO back catalog; a 131-year-old magazine is winding do

Everybody Gets Travoltafied [Video]

Post-Oscars, this was the week when the secret origin of Bitcoin was uncovered—maybe; Fashion Week ended, giving Instagram a much-needed break; and John Travolta became a meme. Jim Cooper, Lisa Granatstein, Michael Bürgi, Emma Bazilian, and in what is sadly her final appearance for us, Lucia Moses, reveal which were wins, fails and WTFs.

Good for Mature Models, Bad for Paula Deen [Video]

As the week ends the Adweek team sorts out the wheat, the chaff and the rest. This week Jim Cooper, Tony Case, Mike Bürgi, Emma Bazilian, Garett Sloane and John Tejada make their choices.

Wins, Fails, WTFs: WTF Is Up With WSJ?

Jim Cooper, Tim Nudd, Mike Shields, Michael Bürgi, Emma Bazilian and Garret Sloane assess the week's damage.

Adweek Wins, Fails and WTFs

Last week's media news dissected by the staff