video sharing

Obama Signs Video Sharing Bill

President Obama signed a bill Thursday that frees Netflix to launch in the U.S. a feature that lets users automatically broadcast on Facebook what movies and TV shows they're watching. Netflix has already launched the feature in other countries.

Video-Sharing Bill Now Up to Obama

It's now up to President Obama to sign into law a new measure that will allow consumers to share what movies or TV shows they watched on social media platforms. The measure passed the Senate Thursday, days after the House passed the same bill. 

Netflix One Step Closer to Video Sharing on Social Media

Netflix is moving closer to offering its subscribers in the U.S. the ability to share through the service what movies or TV shows they watched on social media sites like Facebook. The Judiciary Committee voted today on a House bill that would update the Video Privacy Protection Act, a decades-old bill that prohibits the disclosure of video rentals without written permission for each one.

MTV Debuts Social TV Mobile App at Mobile World Congress

Television may soon regain its place as a social linchpin—at least for those in MTV's youth demographic.

Upward Battle for Facebook and Netflix?

Facebook and Netflix could be facing an uphill battle in the Senate. The two want to see legislation that would pave the way for users to share their streaming Netflix content on the social network.