Pepsi MAX Brings You 2 of This Week’s YouTube Brand Hits

The brand performing best on the VideoWatch/VidIQ YouTube brand chart this week is Pepsi MAX, which took the top two spots with extreme acts of driving and running.

Adweek’s Top 5 Commercials of the Week

In this week's best new commercials, Katy Perry and other famous women launch a new battle cry for CoverGirl. Jeff Gordon pulls another prank for PepsiMAX. British mobile company Three charms with the viral formula of cute girl plus singing kitty. Jägermeister speaks the language of its core audience with an artful surf-themed spot.

A Little Girl and Her Cat Sing the Perfect Duet in Britain’s Latest Adorable Commercial

It must be nice to be Three. The British mobile network has the most fun-loving advertising slogan around: "We all need silly stuff." And Wieden + Kennedy in London makes the most of that promisingly vague positioning. Last year, we had the dancing Shetland pony. Now, it's time for the singing cat. The new ad is brilliantly shot by Traktor, and features remarkable performances—not just by the preternaturally talented kitty but by the girl, too, who apparently was born to lip-sync old Starship songs. (W+K London has lots of relevant feline experience, too, of course, having also done the much-loved "Cats With Thumbs" work for Cravendale.) The only downside: The related website, where you can upload your photo and "star in your own kitten-rocking, face-morphing music video," doesn't load outside the U.K. Credits below. Via Unruly Media.

The 10 Most-Viral Ads of 2013 (So Far)

A forensic artist drawing a picture of a baby Clydesdale shipping its pants? Now that would be a viral commercial supernova.

Adweek’s Top 10 Commercials of the Week

This Dancing Shetland Pony Is Britain’s New Advertising Superstar

Shetland ponies have never been quite as celebrated as they are these days—thanks to several British ad campaigns. First, of course, we had Fivla and Vitamin, the adorable sweater-weating ponies from the VisitScotland campaign. Now, Wieden + Kennedy, London, has upped the ante with a dancing pony in this new spot for mobile network Three.