Sven Helbig

Woman Gives Birth to Album of Classical Music in Strange German Ad

The minute-long ad for German composer Sven Helbig's new album, Pocket Symphonies, is a pretty straightforward representation of Helbig's goal to create something new from something old and weathered and mostly (but not quite) dead. It's a pretty good summary of Helbig's career, too. He's worked with Rammstein, Pet Shop Boys and Snoop Dogg, and staged elaborate multimedia events like the High-Rise Symphony, in which an orchestra played from positions on the balconies of an old apartment building in Dresden in 2006, to celebrate the city's 800th anniversary. Compared to that, this ad is a modest effort. The moment when the musicians rush into the medical theater to induce birth with dramatic strings and piano is neat, though. Directed by Kai Schonrath, with creative direction by Kolle Rebbe's Sascha Hanke. Full credits below.