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This Japanese City Created a Street View for Cats (and for Humans, Too)

Over in the magical land of Japan, the tourism board of Hiroshima prefecture has created street view for cats. That's right—a site that offers a cat's-eye look at the city of Onomichi and its restaurants and shops.

FCC Fines Google for Impeding Investigation

The Federal Communications Commission late Friday proposed slapping Google with a $25,000 fine for impeding the commission’s investigation into whether the data it collected from consumers via its Street Views product violated the Communications Act.

Google Doing Good in Japan

Google is doing its best to make good with the people of Japan. After more than a decade in the country, Google is hoping to transform privacy-conscious Japanese Internet users into proponents of one of the world’s biggest names on the Web.

Google’s Street View Maps India

Want to know how to get from the Shiva statue to the best curry joint in Bangalore? Google might soon be able to show you the way. The search engine giant launched its photographic mapping service, Street View, in India yesterday.