Stove Top

Stove Top’s Millennial Hipster Pilgrim Implores You to Eat Stuffing All Day Every Day

It must be frustrating to be a brand whose product is so closely associated with a single holiday that it seems odd to have it any other time. Stove Top stuffing is in that boat, but it tends to take out its frustrations through comedy—including a raft of new spots starring the "Artisanal Hipster Pilgrim," a millennial character who defies his Pilgrim forebears by encouraging rather than forbidding the eating of stuffing on days other than Thanksgiving.

Ad of the Day: Stove Top

It's time to ignore the fact that Passover and Easter are coming up this weekend and focus on the truly important holiday-related issue at hand: Apparently, people are eating stuffing on days other than Thanksgiving! That might not scream "crisis" to you, but according to Stove Top's new ad campaign, it's resulting in a lot of irritated Pilgrim patriarchs.