Rick Grimes

Ghouls Rule in This Week’s Nielsen TV Twitter Ratings

In the runup to Halloween, it seems natural that Twitterphiles would be commenting on America’s two most frightening TV series.And true to form, the Sunday night time slot once again proved to be magic for AMC’s The Walking Dead, which lit up Twitter with 552,000 tweets reaching 4.8 million users.

The Walking Dead Gobbles Up TV Ratings Crown

While Sunday night’s Season 4 finale of AMC’s The Walking Dead failed to shatter the ratings record set in the season premiere, it did establish a new high-water mark for a cliff-hanger episode.

Information Diet: Andrew Lincoln

What’s the first information you consume in the morning? It would have to be my alarm clock. That’s purely because my son has a tendency to sit on my chest—he’s not yet 3—and look me square in the eye and say, “Milk.” He’s a bit like the child from The Shining. And that’s around 5:30 in the morning.