Feds Tried to Fine Yahoo $250,000 Per Day for Not Complying With U.S. Surveillance

Yahoo has won a seven-year legal battle to declassify documents about how U.S. intelligence officials pressured the tech giant, under threats of huge fines, to hand over user data.

Study: NSA Scandal Is Still Setting Off Privacy Alarm Bells Among Consumers

Now that consumers know that NSA spooks are reviewing their every click, online privacy has become a much bigger concern. 

Google: We Have a Right to Publish Security Requests

Saying that its reputation and business has been harmed by false reports in the media that the government had direct access to its data, Google petitioned the U.S. Foreign Intelligence Surveillance Court to allow it to report separately aggregate numbers of national security requests and FISA disclosures.

Yahoo Also Discloses Number of Requests From Feds

Yahoo became the latest company to disclose the number of requests for user data it received from law enforcement, a number that includes the number of national security requests it received.It also announced that, later this year, it will issue its first global law enforcement transparency report covering the first half of the year. The report will be updated twice a year.

Google to Feds: Let Us Publish More National Security Request Data [Updated]

Worried about losing trust with users, Google asked the government today to let it publish more national security request data. 

Mozilla Helps Launch Coalition to Stop NSA Spy Dragnet

Mozilla was out front and center for the launch of Stop Watching Us, a coalition of more than 80 civil liberties and privacy organizations calling for an end to what they call spying by the National Security Agency.