Preston Padden

FCC Chair Delays Wireless Spectrum Auction to 2015

Few are likely to fault new Federal Communications Commission chairman Tom Wheeler for deciding to delay the planned auction of wireless spectrum voluntarily relinquished by TV broadcasters until the middle of 2015.

Wireless Spectrum Auction Depends Increasingly on Broadcasters

Perhaps the best chance Washington has to alleviate dropped calls, limited data services and other mobile nuisances caused by a lack of wireless spectrum is the Federal Communication Commission’s auction of wireless spectrum voluntarily relinquished by broadcasters.

TV Station Coalition Accuses FCC of Manipulating Spectrum Auction

The coalition of TV stations that is considering exiting the TV business to sell their spectrum in the government's upcoming auction could be having second thoughts, especially if selling out doesn't pay up.

FCC Prospects for Auction of TV Spectrum Improving

The Federal Communications Commission should write Preston Padden a check for convincing TV broadcasters to consider voluntarily relinquishing spectrum that can be auctioned off for wireless services.

Former TV Exec Forms Coalition for TV Spectrum Auction

Preston Padden, a former Fox, ABC and Disney exec, formed a coalition to represent TV broadcasters that will, if the price is right, relinquish their spectrum to the Federal Communications Commission for the yet-to-be designed-or-scheduled wireless spectrum auction.