Paul Lavoie

Jim Henson Co.’s Schube: Romney ‘Looks Stupid’

Don’t mess with Big Bird.

Doubt, Rejection and Failure Aren’t All Bad

It’s ok to fail. In fact, Taxi’s Paul Lavoie encourages it. In a presentation on day four of Advertising Week, Lavoie preached experimentation and risk-taking. Also, rather than bemoan doubt or rejection, embrace it, because it may mean you’re onto something unconventional. Or, as Lavoie more colorfully put it, “Make ‘no’ your bitch.”

Advertising Leaders Reflect on Jobs’ Legacy

Ad industry leaders reacted quickly and passionately today to the passing of Steve Jobs, whom they described in personal terms—almost as if they had lost a friend. Most, however, had never worked with him. Still, they felt they knew him from the exceptional aesthetics of his products to his peerless ability to defy convention and embrace the power of marketing.