Parents Television Council

Surprise! Parents Television Council Hates VH1’s ‘Dating Naked’ Billboard

In a development as predictable as Emmy voters snubbing The Americans again this year, the Parents Television Council has announced that it is really, really upset about the

Parents Television Council Is Already Upset About What Nicki Minaj Will Do on Sunday

Really, you wonder if the Parents Television Council is secretly letting MTV write its press releases. Nicki Minaj's butt-heavy video for her new single Anaconda (why, yes, it does sample Sir Mix-A-Lot) dropped today, and the hip-hop artist's outfits and dance moves already have the PTC outraged about the VMAs, despite the fact that the broadcast is several days away.

Comments to FCC Overwhelmingly Support Strict Broadcast Indecency Rules

The FCC has been flooded with public comments about broadcast indecency, and the vast majority want the agency to keep its rules intact. 

Conservative Groups Urge Senate to Block Wheeler Over Broadcast Indecency

Tom Wheeler (D), President Obama's nominee for chairman of the Federal Communications Commission, may be feeling the heat of the position even before he's confirmed.

Parents Television Council Blasts Torture Scene in ABC’s Scandal

ABC could have had better timing. On the same night the entertainment industry was meeting with VP Joe Biden to discuss media violence, the network aired an episode of Scandal that included a graphic, three-minute torture scene.

‘The Playboy Club’ Advertisers Say They Didn’t Abandon Show

NBC’s ratings-challenged new series The Playboy Club—which lost a million viewers in its second episode this week—has another problem to contend with: the Parents Television Council, which recently launched a campaign to co