Michael Beckerman

Internet Lobby Looks Beyond SOPA

The Internet community is getting its lobby act together, sort of. At the very least, it has more associations than ever before representing its interests in Washington. “The more the better,” said Michael Petricone, the Consumer Electronics Association’s svp of government affairs.

New Internet Association Has a Message for Congress

There are a million ways to say how wonderful the Internet is, and the newly formed Internet Association uses dozens of them in this new video ad directed at lawmakers.

Fast Chat: The Internet Association’s Michael Beckerman

There is no shortage of clout to back up Michael Beckerman, who heads up three-month-old The Internet Association as president and CEO. The trade association launched officially in September and counts as members 14 Web giants with deep financial pockets and influence, including Google, Facebook, AOL, LinkedIn and Zynga.

Coming Soon: Internet Association

Forget that Internet community grassroots strategy that took the Hill by storm in January and halted the advance of anti-piracy legislation in Congress. Internet giants like Google and Facebook are about to go mainstream with an association working 24/7 to protect their interests in Washington.