Can Spice Maker McCormick Recreate a Lost Family Recipe? R/GA Finds Out This Holiday

For some folks, it's just not Christmas without Julekake.  But, what if Grandma's special recipe for this sweet and savory seasonal bread from Norway has gotten lost in the mists of time, and your best efforts to replicate that particular flavor, texture and aroma don't quite rise to the occasion?  In the nearly four-minute film below, Kristian Rex finds himself in this very predicament. Well into middle age, he fondly recalls the yuletide treat, but hasn't been able to savor a slice of proper Julekake—the kind his grandma used to make—since he was a boy.  Luckily, his daughter Faye, spice maker McCormick & Co., and ad agency R/GA make the scene. They arrange for a visit from New York chef Daniel Holzman, who rattles the pots and pans in a heroic attempt to delight Kristian's tastebuds with a Sandinavian blast from the past. 

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