Fashion Mannequins Fall on Hard Times in Homeless Advocacy Campaign

Mannequins usually symbolize the consumer ideal of the "good life," draped in couture and jewelry in department-store window displays. But now they've fallen on hard times in a JWT stunt meant to raise money for Amsterdam's growing homeless population.

New Attention-Grabbing Mannequins Are Modeled After Disabled Public Figures

It was Junot Diaz who said, "If you want to make a human being into a monster, deny them, at the cultural level, any reflection of themselves." So Pro Infirmis, a European advocacy organization for the disabled, has created a series of mannequins to provide those reflections in the image-obsessed world of retail.

Clothing-Store Mannequins Come to Life and Mirror Your Movements

Airport clothing-store outlet United Arrows built a custom window display in its Tokyo location in which MarionetteBots (half mannequin, half robot) were wired with Kinect technology to mimic the movements of anyone facing them. The bots were all wearing United Arrows fashions, of course. On the one hand, big ups to anyone making creative use of puppets these days.