Mad Woman

Lingerie, Chocolate and Flowers

Mad Woman Lauren Reeves is a true romantic. If you're paying. Some ways to her heart include: Pro Flowers Hallmark

Make Up With the Mad Woman

Lauren Reeves shares her beauty secret.

Mad Woman Loves Videogame Ads

Lauren Reeves has her head turned by a Snake

Mad Woman’s New Year’s Resolutions

Lauren Reeves shows how advertisers can help you keep your promises

A Mad Woman Christmas

Lauren Reeves gets into her favorite spirit of the year

Celebs Who Make You Buy Things [Video]

Hi again, If I know anything, it's that people love three things: 1) money 2) fame 3) counting

Celebs Who Make You Buy Things

Mad Woman Lauren Reeves on the stars of the silver pitch

Love for Sale [Video]

Hello! If you love getting trampled to death on Black Friday as much as I do, then you need to watch my newest video. Credit cards are a Black Friday necessity, like wearing a helmet and a stab vest. I'll help you choose which card is right for you. (You're welcome!) See you at Kmart.

Old Men, Hard Sell [Video]

Hello again,

Old Men, Hard Sell

When did old men get so attractive? To advertisers at least