Grown Men Make the Weirdest Sounds of Panic in This Hilarious Ad for Liver Pâté

Men, as a general rule, aren't exactly thrilled to eat green lunches. Denmark's most popular brand of liver pâté, Stryhns, runs with that stereotype in this amusing ad—in which male workers sit down to eat lunches evident packed by their spouses, and soon freak out completely when they see the grub.

Ad of the Day: Maker of the Most Epic Bus Ad Ever Returns With a Ludicrous Sequel

Unfortunately, mass transit isn't usually seen as too cool—except in Denmark, where taking the bus means you're a damn rock star.

Ad of the Day: Midttrafik

People fight their way on to buses for one reason only—because they're overcrowded. But actually, no—in Denmark, people will push, punch, shove and claw their way on to Midttrafik buses for a completely different reason: because they're just so incredible awesome to ride.