Leagas Delaney

Raise a glass to Skoda’s awesome SUV spot

Here's a beautiful ad for Czech automaker Skoda's new crossover SUV, the Superb Combi. Reminiscent of BMW's kinetic sculpture spot for the 5 Series, Skoda's ad, created by Leagas Delaney […]

Human-trafficking PSAs kick you in the face

There are powerful social-justice PSAs, and then there are these latest "Stop the Traffik" spots from Leagas Delaney, which reach a new level of intensity. Yes, the category lends itself […]

Keep grizzlies at bay with your Timberlands

"If you're not fast, you're food." That's the unsettlingly truthful line employed by Timberland and Leagas Delaney in this pumped-up Lynn Fox-directed spot that features a guy pursued by wild […]

Old geezers driving always good for a laugh

Leagas Delaney in London has some fun at the expense of an oblivious elderly woman driver in this commercial for Goodyear tires—which apparently hold up better than human beings over […]

Nature would prefer you wear Timberlands

Your choice of hiking boots can be exceedingly important, judging by the experience of the two buddies in this Timberland ad from Leagas Delaney in London. The one guy’s wearing […]