Human-trafficking PSAs kick you in the face


There are powerful social-justice PSAs, and then there are these latest "Stop the Traffik" spots from Leagas Delaney, which reach a new level of intensity. Yes, the category lends itself to memorable messages. But these clips might just be unforgettable. While not graphic, the vignettes are realistically and disturbingly brutal. A schoolgirl is abducted from her classroom for the sex-slave trade, and a teenage boy gets dragged from his suburban dinner table to be sold into forced labor. Now, I knew what to expect, but still flinched when the girl's face is slammed against a desk. The boy is roughed up worse, savagely beaten and left whimpering on the floor. (The abuse is mainly heard and not seen, making the impact, in every sense of the word, especially potent.) The point of the spots, that we shouldn't be oblivious to such evil, is underscored by the non-reactions of the family members, teacher and classmates, who appear not to notice what's going on. Indifference and silence are as brutal as blows to the face or boots to the belly. Via Osocio.

—Posted by David Gianatasio